2018 Wasatch 100…Are you getting ready?


Welcome back!  The 2018 Wasatch 100 is coming and it is time to get ready!

The volunteer meeting will be Tuesday the 4th of September at the Sugarhouse Park, in our usual spot which is on the grass just east of the Lakeside Fabian Pavilion.  The meeting will be at 18:30 hours.

The runner meeting is a 16:00 sharp at the Lakeside Fabian Pavilion on the evening before the race.  Aid Station captains or a representative can get a list of all the runners who checked in after the meeting is over.  Please note that there is no longer an official weigh-in process for the Wasatch 100.  This means that you could get the roster electronically.

The race itself starts 0500 on the 7th of September.

Please check out your radio and TNC gear and let us know if you have any questions at comments@wasatch100.com